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About the city

Welcome to Šternberk, modern town with rich history, that has been connected for more than 110 years with organizing the international car races on the well – known race track Ecce Homo, and a town where you can visit the unique Time Exposition. Only in Šternberk you will be guided through the conservation area with handle grinders – the unique information system. The Town of Šternberk is situated in the Olomouc Region, approximately 13 kilometres to the North from Olomouc. The landmarks of Šternberk are the national cultural monument State Castle Šternberk, set of buildings of the former Augustinian Monastery with a monumental church of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary and a large set of restored burgher houses with valuable portals.


The fi rst written references of Šternberk come from 1296, history of the town is closely connected with the castle. In its extramural settlement there was built a settlement that started to spread and soon became the centre of fair, craft and trade. Soon after its foundation the Šternberk demesne belonged to the largest and most considerable in Moravia. Coat of arms of the House of Šternberk, the eight – point star above the horizon, has remained in the coat of arms till nowadays. There exists a legend about the oldest history of the town. According to it brave Jaroslav of Šternberk obtained an area for his loyal service for the king. In this area he built magnifi cent residence – the Šternberk Castle. He was rewarded for the crushing defeat of the aggressive and cruel Tatars. A beautiful myth of bravery and spirit, where evil was defeated by good, endured to the town.


About the city


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