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Hlubočky Bobsled

The only track bobsled run in Moravia. With a total length of 1,536 metres, it is also the longest bobsled run in Moravia. You do not just go on an easy ride, you actually steer the bobsled. There is no other such place in Moravia any more. The length of the downhill run itself is 1,030 metres. The track includes a bridge, a tunnel, and more.

Hrubá Voda Resort - Bobsled track

The bobsled track at the Hrubá Voda Resort is one of the most modern bobsled tracks. It is 851 metres long, rugged, fun, fast and safe, and off ers an elevation of 52 metres. 1 FREE ride for each Olomouc Region Card.

Museum of Modern Art, Olomouc

In the early 1990s, the Late Art Nouveau Museum of Modern Art in the historical city centre was adapted for museum purposes, with many new halls exhibiting the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, a reading room, an observation spire, and a café with a summer terrace.

Museum of Olomouc Tvarůžky A.W.

A unique Museum of Tvarůžky devoted to the history and presence of the production of this popular cheese, with its powerful smell, and a new cheese shop were established on the site of the original cheese factory in the A.W. plant in 1994.

Road Museum, Vikýřovice

The museum presents the past and present of our trails, roads, and bridges, historical road machinery (road rollers, loaders, snow ploughs, etc.), and the business of the Klein brothers, builders of roads, railways, and bridges. The museum is operated by the Olomouc Region Road Administration.

Velký Kosíř viewing tower

The new tower on top of Velký Kosíř near Slatinky in the Prostějov region is 28 metres high.

From the top of the tower you can enjoy a view of the Haná plain, the Drahanská vrchovina hills, or the skyline of the Nízký Jeseník mountains.

Zoo Olomouc - Svatý Kopeček

The zoological garden contains over 400 animal species and participates in the preservation of a number of others. Visitors are off ered a beautiful view from the observation tower, a sightseeing train journey and the possibility to visit the run of Japanese Macaque.

Tips for trips


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